IOT Green Transformation for Academic Society and Business Oriented Ecosystem in Western Balkans

Welcome to our transformative project, IoT-ECO, focuses on building capacity, fostering innovation, and facilitating regional cooperation. Our vision is to create an innovative ecosystem within each WB HEI, utilizing IoT/IoE solutions to address the specific needs of sectors such as agriculture, tourism, and energy. The project extends beyond academia, involving associate partners—an innovation fund, a port, and an ICT company—to model a business-oriented innovative ecosystem.

Our activities

Meets & Greets

15-18 November 2023
WP3: Meeting and Training at TU GRAZ

WP 3. Experience and sharing know-how with EU partners on the establishment of the IoT-ECO hub.

The IoT- ECO project brought together professors and students from Albania, Kosovo, Montenegro, Bulgaria, Greece and Austria at the Technical University of Graz, Austria. This meeting and training aimed to increase skills and expertise in creating an IoT-ECO Hub, energy efficiency, improving air quality through applications in the IoT industry. Through this project, IoT technology will be included in the teaching curricula, but not only, it will bring the innovation of creating virtual prototypes for industry, representing ecosystem models and green transformation.

24 to 27 May 2023
WP2 Meeting in Albania
Meeting on behalf of the Workshop on “WP2- Deliverable 2.1 Needs analysis in terms of skills and competencies in IoT of engineers needed for the green transformation in Western Balkan economy” organized in Tirana and Durres on May 24th-26th for IoT- ECO Project.
During this 3 day visit we had a meeting of the project board, presented all the needs of the Western Balkan Universities and visited labs in Aleksander Moisiu University and Durres Port Authority.
26 May 2023
Meeting at Durres Port Authority

Meeting with Associate Partner, Authority Port of Durres, on May 26, 2023, for IoT Project Exploration and Collaboration Opportunities. During this visit, we aimed to gain valuable insights into the local context and potential challenges and opportunities for the successful implementation of our IoT project. The Authority Port of Durres plays a crucial role in this initiative, and we believe that their expertise and cooperation will significantly contribute to the project's overall success.

9 February 2023
Sub Label
Online Meeting

Meeting with the project adviser to meet each other, discuss the objectives and implementation of IoT-ECO project addressing to him the questions in this starting phase.

25 to 28 January 2023
Kick-off meeting

From 25 to 28 January 2023 the Kick-off meeting of the IoT-ECO project was organized in Technical University of Sofia, Sofia, Bulgaria